Our staffing agency started in 2019 to help healthcare facilities and professionals with their goals throughout Maryland.

MAAKAY GROUP LLC offers effective staffing and employment solutions to help both businesses and job seekers achieve their goals. We match business owners with some of the most competent and qualified professionals to be in their team. We put into serious consideration the requirements and qualifications of business owners for their staff. Hence, the MAAKAY GROUP LLC team always renders high standard services and a meticulous recruitment process for the best possible medical staffing in Beltsville, Maryland and its surrounding areas.

Additionally, we partner with various organizations, facilities, and businesses to offer rewarding job opportunities to professionals who want to impart and improve their skills and knowledge in providing services in the healthcare industry.

Maakay Mission
MAAKAY GROUP LLC is committed to reducing the staff shortage in medical facilities by providing innovative, effective, and high-quality staffing solutions. We help medical facilities have a sufficient number of professionals that match their requirements and standards as well as match professionals with a rewarding career opportunity.

Maakay Vision
MAAKAY GROUP LLC strives to become one of the most trusted and respected healthcare staffing agencies in the US by committing to high-quality, client-centered recruitment and employment services.

Get in Touch
At MAAKAY GROUP LLC, you can reach your staffing and career goals with our expert help. Should you have further inquiries and concerns about us and our services, please reach out to us immediately by clicking here.